Cottage in the Woods Candle: First Anniversary Edition


It's the first anniversary of our original candle, Cottage In The Woods! This year's Cottage In The Woods stands out with a bold S+S green label signifying the limited edition candle with cozy notes of Frasier Fir, Amber, and Sweet Labdanum + a new luxury coconut wax.

Our family is a huge fan of this scent. It has the ability take you somewhere special. Imagine a small cottage tucked away in the mountains on a crisp autumn day. There's notes of fresh autumn woods swirling around as the you hear the crackle of a warm fire beside you.

This Cottage in the Woods candle from our Goodness is All Around Collection is a 14oz luxury candle hand-poured right here in our home state of TX. We perfected a premium coconut wax with an 80+ hour burn time.

Immerse any space in your home with cozy notes of Frasier Fir, Amber, and Sweet Labdanum. Limited in quantity.